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AngularJS Training in Chennai

The Complete AngularJS Course of 2018 (includes Angular2, Angular4 & Angular 5). If you are looking to enhance your knowledge in AngularJS , then enroll with Metaforum Technologies for AngularJS training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance. It's an open source framework developed in the year 2009 by Adam Abrons and Misko Hevery and maintained by Google .

AngularJS Training in Chennai

So what exactly is AngularJS?

As the name says, its something related to javascript. AngularJS is leading framework for building javascript heavy Single page based web page applications(SPA's). It loads the entire content of a single webpage in one go. That means once the main webpage is loaded, clicking on the links will not reload the entire page but simply updates the section within the webpage so that is more efficient. So, want to learn AngularJS? Enroll with us now, because we provide practical AngularJS Training in Chennai and our syllabus covers basic concepts to advanced concepts.

For Whom AngularJs is it Suitable for?

AngularJS is suitable for Software Engineers or fresh graduates who are fascinated about Web Designing or if you want to establish yourself as Front-end or a Full-stack developer.

How are the Job Prospects for AngularJs in India?

The demand for AngularJS is huge and the supply is less in India. Usually MNC's recruit fresh graduates and train them on javascript before moving on to an advanced framework such as AngularJs. Since you are already trained in AngularJS with live projects provided by us. You will have more chance to get placed on the first try. We are not saying this based on Assumptions, but by observing the numbers presented by popular job portals such as Naukri, Indeed etc.

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What is the pay package usually offered to a Front-End Developer?

According to popular salary portal - Payscale, The average pay for a Front-End Developer in India, who have skills in areas such as AngularJS is Rs 429,037.
AngularJS Developer salary trend in India
Disclaimer: Startup companies are most likely to offer 20% to 30% less salary than MNC's.

Who will be my Instructor for AngularJS?

All our trainers are working Experts from the Industry with no less than 4 years of Experience in leading MNC's. We have trained more than 100+ students with live projects and hands-on experience. So that, it's easy for our students to continue the same in their workplace without any tension.

How Metaforum Technologies is different from other Institutes for AngularJS Training in Chennai?

  • Right from the first class, you will start learning on how to build an application within the first day as we are more practical oriented. Say goodbye to boring courses with a lot of theory and long instructions.
  • We update the course regularly by adding new topics to the existing syllabus so that it is updated to the requirements of today and you wouldn't miss anything.
  • All our Classes are recorded and shared with you on Google drive or pen drive. So that, you can practice the same in your home.
  • We also provide Interview questions and answers for you to crack the interview easily.
  • All our Classes are taken in small batches (max 5 students per Batch) and can be customized based on the student's availability.
  • All our Students are entitled to Usage of high-speed internet. So that, you can practice the concepts after the class gets over.

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      What will be the duration of the course?

      Regular Classes:
      Duration: 50 hours (One Month)
      Timings: Flexible timings

      Weekend Classes:
      Duration: 10 weeks
      Timings: Flexible timings

      Fast-track Classes:
      Duration: 14 days
      Timings: Flexible timings

      Online Classes:
      If you are a busy employee or a student who can come to classes either before or after work. Feel free to contact us, so that we can arrange the classes based your availability via Skype.

      *Class Duration for each day is 2 hours.
      *Our classroom training timing is 7 AM to 9 PM. All courses are available in daily and weekend batches. Online training is available 24/7.
      What would you have learnt by the end of the course?

      • Build client application based on AngularJS on your own without any help.
      • Write Clean and Maintainable code without any errors.
      • Be Ready for Working in an MNC or startup with confidence.
      • Apply Best practices while writing the code and to troubleshoot Compile time errors and Run-time errors.

      Do you provide Demo classes before enrolling in AngularJS course?

      Yes, You are most welcome to attend demo classes with a 1 to 1 session with the trainer so that you can understand what you can expect before enrolling.

      Do you provide any Placement Assistance after the course gets completed?

      • We provide excellent placement assistance by conducting placement workshops, helping students prepare a resume, by conducting meets on Job Descriptions, Mock interviews etc.
      • We provide Interview Questions and Answers so that you can crack the interview easily.
      • At the same time, we have established contacts with recruitment firms and we will forward your CV's to them and perform quality and follow-ups as needed.

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      What is the Course Fees for AngularJS training in your institute?

      We provide High-Quality Classes at a Competitive price compared to other institutes. We are 30% cheaper in general without any compromise on the quality of education we provide.

      What is the Syllabus for AngularJS Course

      We follow industry standards while framing the Syllabus for AngularJS. All our syllabus follow an 80:20 rule(frequently used concepts in companies). Our Advanced AngularJs Course is framed in such a manner that its useful for students even if he has no prior knowledge of the course. The final product that we have is the most updated and Advanced AngularJS course of 2018. Angular 2, Angular 4 & Angular 5 a bit different from AngularJS. Angular 5 is the latest release from Google which came out on 1-Nov-2017. If you have no prior knowledge of Javascript, you can start with AngularJS. Else if you have some knowledge of Javascript then you can start off with either Angular 2 or Angular 4.

      *The last update for this course is done on 6-Jan-2018.

      • Introduction
      • Angular Vs Angular 2 Vs Angular 4
      • Views
      • Controllers
      • Models
      • Directives
      • Expressions
      • Forms
      • Filters
      • Service Types
      • Factories
      • Routing
      • Advanced Scope
      • Testing
      • Creating and editing Apps
      • 3rd party libraries
      • Dependency Injection

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      "Metaforum Technologies is the best training center in Chennai as they offer quality training and internal projects. Apart from that training was really great since I was able to practice all the concepts with live scenarios."

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      AngularJS Training in Chennai - Course Highlights

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